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  1. 測試提示

    您當前訪問分辨率低于1200像素,請使用1200以上PC電腦端訪問 上海松一網絡科技有限公司技術出品

    Six Construct
    25th November 2018
    Attention: To Whom It May Concern
    Subject: Sanderson International Theme L.L.C – Warner Brothers World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    This letter confirms that Sanderson was heavily involved in the delivery of the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi project.

    Sanderson was instrumental in the delivery of the project which was complex in nature, under challenging circumstances and accelerated schedules with a scope in excess of AED 100 mill.

    Sanderson’s scope included Rockwork & Show set construction to various dark rides & attractions including queue lines, themed facades of the Area Development, BIM development and coordination, Integration and Coordination of Show Construction / Show Set with Facility MEP & Show Technical equipment and Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of various Animatronic Figures, Show Action Equipment, Custom Playground Equipment & Static Props.

    I have no reservation in recommending Sanderson to design and execute thematic works as they have demonstrated that they have the depth and capability to deliver on time on budget and on quality.

    Thierry Legat,
    Project Director | Six Construct


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